How to become an SRT employee

You need to fill out an applicant form. It will be just fine if You also attach a cover letter in which You indicate why You want to work with us.

How the selection will take place and what awaits You next:

In order to understand "How it works" we will describe to You our selection system in stages.

  1. The first stage is to review electronic resumes for matching skills and work experience. Often the resume does not reflect Your personal qualities, or something is missing in the resume, in which case the cover letter helps to create an additional opinion and impression about You.
  2. The second stage is a personal interview with an HR specialist.
  3. The third stage is an interview with the manager.
  4. The fourth stage is a formal job offer, which specifies all the conditions of work and responsibilities and wages.
  5. The fifth stage - the conclusion of an employment contract.

We promise that we will consider the sent resumes, and even if at the time of consideration we are not able to offer You a job for any reason, then Your resume will be in our database and next time Your resume will be considered first of all.

We sincerely wish You good luck and hope that You will become part of our friendly and close-knit team.

Attach resume

If You want to work with us, but did not find any vacancy available, just attach Your resume. As soon as a suitable vacancy appears, we will contact You